The Guvn’r Gloves – Super Black



  1. Perforated
  2. Sweat absorbing
  3. Grippy
  4. Full grain leather
  5. Comes in a bespoke leather case.
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COLOR  – Super Black
Whilst Looking dapper is onething, being the boss with a dapper look is a completely different league and there is nothing more like being simple and pure yet look the deal that separates you from the crowd.

With this element impregnated into our design principles, we humbly introduce the “Guvn’r” gloves. Purely inspired from the not so long ago daredevil-ish British racing era and hand built car culture of the 50’s, our gloves scream dapper in the most raw and pure way.

Crafted with love from our handpicked range of finest full grain leather hides, these gloves are soft to the touch whilst changing the way anything looks when touched by it. They are also perforated such that your hands don’t suffocate from breathing.

 Now it just does not stop there, the gloves are equipped with a sweat absorbing technology such that you would never feel the glove slipping away, or, feel moist and sticky at the end of a ride/drive.

Being made of the finest full grain leather, they are built to last a lifetime and ironically comes in a bespoke leather case that adds to the eternal life of the glove itself.

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